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“Michele vandenHeuvel always delivers whimsy, humor and creativity in the most unique – and durable – way possible. Her bronze animal figures evoke fantasy, wonder, compassion and warmth. Kids of all ages love them!
— Sherri Brueggemann, ABQ Public Art Urban Enhancement Program Manager
“Working with Michele was a delight, in every regard. Michele’s creations seem to have a life force of their own. And the workmanship in her bronzes is spot-on! She is also a consummate professional and a warm and caring individual.”
— Denise Kayser, Arts and Events Division Chief
“Being placed at a key point on Main Street, her Bear sculpture is one of our most recognizable and photographed pieces of public art in the City’s collection. The work is loved by our community and our visitors alike!”
— Jenny Diersen, Park City Utah Special Events Coordinator
I have worked with Michele for over twenty five years managing the production of her beautiful bronze sculptures. She is a dedicated and talented artist with a rich aesthetic vision that is apparent in all of her work. As a highly skilled sculptor Michele is able to impart her loving soul and childlike wonder to each of her sculptures intimately touching all who view them. And as a consummate professional Michele has a thorough understanding of the process for producing high quality bronzes making her a pleasure to work with.
— - Bill Weaver, Weaver Studios, Chupadero NM

Michele vandenHeuvel
+1 (505) 681-9611